The Professional Skills Series provides you with the fundamental skills necessary to secure a position in the culinary field.

This program includes instruction in:

  • ServSafe Manager Certification: The ServSafe Food Safety Training Program will teach students to recognize the responsibilities involved in the prevention of food-borne illnesses. The training also will help foodservice workers understand the importance of proper storage, food preparation, cleaning, and sanitizing to ensure safe food handling.
  • Knife Skills: Students will learn basic knife skills to include; care and maintenance of tools, sharpening, and proper grip. Cuts will include dice, roundel, bias, julienne, brunoises, and tournee. Emphasis will be on mastery of consistency and speed.
  • Pantry Production: Learn product identification, composed salads, and dressings. The course includes garnish, canapes, raw bar, and sausage making. Learn the skills necessary to be successful in the foodservice industry.
  • Professional Line Cooking: Hone your skills in organization, knife cuts, equipment use, cooking techniques, and fundamentals. Focus on sauté, grilling, frying, and vegetable cookery. Successful completers will be ready to take on the hotline.
  • Stocks, Soups, and Sauces: Learn the secrets to a good stock, and your soups and sauces will be exceptional. Start with the basics and learn mother sauces, small sauces, contemporary sauces, and a variety of thickening techniques. Then move on to soups, including consommé, creams, purées, and chowders. 

CULI-507 (160 hours) 
Cost: $3,529 (Tuition: $2,824, Materials: $670, Campus Safety Fee: $25, 
Registration Fee: $10) 

Section AW02: Worthington Atlantic City Campus, Caesars Entertainment Wing 
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, beginning April 8 (ends June 3), 5-10 p.m. 

Section CW01: Cape May County Campus 
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, beginning January 16 (ends March 7), 9 a.m.-2 p.m.

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