Professional Development

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Casino Games

Acquire the fundamental casino gaming skills necessary with hands-on training in various table and carnival games, roulette, poker and refresher programs.
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Gain critical nationally-recognized skills and training as you work your way towards a career as a paramedic, EMT, EMR, CCMA®, CMAA® or phlebotomy technician.
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Learn to become a Certified Fundamentals Cook (CFC®) or culinary and cooking professional. ServSafe® and Culinary Entrepreneur training also available.
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Customer Service

Learn how to make a great first impression & provide customers with world-class service to become a Certified Guest Service Professional (CGSP®) or a Certified Front Desk Representative (CFDR®).
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Construction Management

Learn the technical aspects of design, construction and building maintenance; the construction permitting process; and the specific details pertaining to building inspections.
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And More...

Learn about Water and Wastewater Operations, Physical and Mental Wellness Training, Real Estate Sales Pre-Licensing and NJ Medical Cannabis Dispensary Training.
business training class
Business Training

Strengthen your business acumen with classes taught by our professional team of trainers. Skills training available in Coaching and Mentoring, Conflict Resolution, Resume Writing, Public Speaking, Virtual Workplace Management and more.

Wind training center
Wind Training Center

The Wind Training Center will provide the GWO Basic Safety Training w/Sea Survival. Over five days, the training will provide 40 hours of instruction in five areas: First Aid, Manual Handling, Fire Awareness, Working at Heights, and Sea Survival.

Online Training

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Career Training

Looking for a new career or hoping to advance within your current occupation? Our comprehensive training programs will fit your busy schedule and prepare you for industry-recognized certifications in Medical Billing & Coding, Career Counselor and more.
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Professional Development

For the busy professional that is seeking to gain additional knowledge, develop new talents and stay on top of emerging technologies. Six-week classes, such as grammar refresher, grant writing, medical terminology and much more, may be taken at home and at your own pace.

Personal Enrichment

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Culinary & Baking

Sharpen your skills with workshops taught by professional chef educators from hors d’oeuvres and desserts to basic knife techniques and food & wine pairings.
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Computer Proficiency

Learn the in’s-and-outs of operating a computer system from its main features and searching the internet to creating emails and folders.

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Health & Wellness

Find your state of Zen with the Holistic Health Series, which includes courses on breathing, energy healing, nutrition, yoga and meditation.
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Language & Music

Expand your linguistic and musical proficiency with introductory classes in Spanish, Italian and Piano.
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Financial Planning

Your money matters. Learn about retirement planning, estate planning and powers of attorney.
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General Interest

Join us for hands-on workshops in photography, floral design, earring, bracelet, and necklace jewelry making.
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Funded Programs

Whether you are unemployed, looking for a career change or just want the knowledge to advance in your current job, you may qualify for free training thanks to Atlantic Cape’s funded programs that can help enhance your professional skills and lead you to rewarding and exciting career opportunities.

Register Online
It's easy to register online 24/7 for a training program or workshop. Simply find the program you are looking for and follow the steps at the bottom of that program page.